Company History

In 2003, Randy Arnold decided to build a part time business, Arnold Meat Processing, Inc. He has previously cut for meat for over 30 years at various local grocey stores. He was born and raised in Rochester, NY. His dream was to provide a service of custom meat processing for the local farmers and hunters.

By 2003, in addition to processing deer for the local hunters throughtout the months of September to January, Randy was slaughtering beef, hogs, and sheep for local farmers who raised their animals for processing. He also began processing for 4H organization with the fairs of Lee, Charlotte, Glades and Labelle. Randy began to cut and vacuum pack meats including pork, lamb, beef, and goat, deer and wild hog and sell USDA choice meats.

Today, after retiring from the Fire Department, Randy and his wife Wendy their son Erik and wife Tera continues to process meat for local farmers and hunters in addition to selling choice meats fulltime. According to Randy, "My returning customers , make the difference and we have the best." For all of your butcher needs, talk with his family or friendly staff about purchasing USDA choice meats or custom processing. They will be glad to answer any questions on any topic.