Processing Fees for All Beef

Slaughter Fee:                                  $125 per steer            

Cut, Vacuum Packed, and Freeze:       $1.05 per pound on the Dressed Weight

Additional Fees and Services

Optional Cuts Available:                     Liver, Tongue, and/or Heart

Delivery and Pick Up Available:           Call for Price

There is a Feed Charge Per Steer:       Fed on site daily

Beef Cuts Available (See Chart Below):

  • Chuck
Chuck Roast, Chuck Steak, Shoulder Roast
  • Rib
Rib-Eye, Club, Hotel and Rib Steak, Standing Rib Roast
  • Loin
Sirloin, T-Bone, Filet Mignon, New York Strip Steak
  • Round
Round Tenderized Cube Steaks, London Broil, Round Roast, Top or Bottom Round Roast or Steak, Beef Jerky, Eye of Round Roast, Ground Round
  • Shank
Beef Hocks or Hamburger
  • Flank
Flank Steaks
  • Short Plate
Short Ribs
  • Brisket

Brisket Roast, Soup Bones

Additional Items Offered (12 Pound Minimum)

Smoked Summer Sausage Plain                                               $4.00 /Pound

Smoked Summer Sausage Cheese, Jalapeno                              $6.00 /Pound

Smoked Summer Sausage With Cheese or Jalapno                     $5.00 / Pound

Smoked  Snack Stick with   Jalapeno & Cheese                                 $7.00/ Pound

Smoked  Snack Stick Honey BBQ                                                     $6.50 /Pound

Smoked Snack Sticks or Pepper  Sticks                                       $5.00/Pound

Smoked Southern Sausage   (105)                                             $3.50/Pound

Smoked Brisket                                                                        $35.00/Each

Jerky    5lbs Minimum                                                               $6.99/Pound 

Prices are subject to change

Beef Processing

(Steers, Heifers, and Cows)

Once the beef is slaughtered in order for the heat and moisture to be pulled out of the carcass. It is closely monitored until the beef is ready to be butchered. Beef is hung from 14-30 days. Once processed, the beef is packaged in vacuum packs then labeled and dated automatically. All beef is processed and packaged according to customer specifications and requests. Beef will last up to two years in the deep freezer.